Monitor Your Pet and its Daily Activities

Live Streaming Video

Your pet is a member of your family. Leaving them for a night in the care of your neighbor or unexpectedly being assigned to work overtime can be stressful. MySnapCam’s pet video camera allows you to check on your pet when you’re away. Use your customized login to view live streaming video of your dog, cat, bird or even aquarium. With one click of a button access the video on your smart phone or computer. Is your pet behaving or getting into mischief?

Motion Detection

Pets home alone can be disastrous for your furniture. And, for the pot roast you left on the counter. The camera can identify motion and alert you via text or email if your dog enters the kitchen or jumps on your sofa.

Secure Feed

Other Pet Cams allow people outside of your home to intercept the video feed. Why is this dangerous? Burglars can see the video and determine if anyone is at home, or if you own expensive electronics and other possessions.

Video Sharing

While keeping an eye on your pet is important, sharing videos of their cute and quirky antics is entertaining for friends and family. With MySnapCam’s video sharing, authorize up to six users to see the video of your pet on their smart phone or computer – in real time. When you travel, give permission to your pet-sitter to receive notifications if your pet enters a room that is off-limits.

MySnapCam’s easy to install and easy to use camera also gives you the option to save memorable video clips directly to your computer, smart phone and iPad.

Traveling Video Camera

Going on vacation? While many hotels accept pets in their establishments, some request for you to decline maid service if you wish to leave them unattended. Travel with your camera to ensure that no one enters your room without your permission.

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